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Rescue and Response Project, Mayor’s Office of Police and Crime (MOPAC), London

ECINS Helps UK Rescue Vulnerable Children from Drug Trafficking


  • “County Lines Drug Trafficking” Program


  • The UK has been battling drug traffickers in rural areas/small towns that use vulnerable children to transport and sell drugs.
  • Children are targeted because they don’t have secure housing or a safe family situation, or are battling with mental health, poverty, and other at-risk situations.
  • Different data capture systems were used across the boroughs and were unable to integrate with each other to form a comprehensive list of at-risk children or to facilitate a strategy or plan.


  • MOPAC established a 3-year funding program to assist the top 600 vulnerable children being used as drug traffickers.
  • The ECINS Report & Referral module was deployed to all MOPAC boroughs and using an encrypted master referral form, the program team was able to compile and analyze data from all areas of the region and deploy assistance.


  • More than 600 children were helped in the first year alone, increasing the support goals to 260% more people than originally planned, all within the same original budget.
  • Over 700 hours in administration time saved per year.
  • The number of collaborative teams involved in the process increased from 4 to more than 40 because of the ease of use and secure information sharing features.


“As a former frontline practitioner myself, having used four different case management systems, none have offered the opportunity to work in a multi-agency capacity with such ease as ECINS.” – Jules Trompowsky, Partnership Coordinator, Rescue and Response Project


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