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AUTOMATE reports & referrals to save time and improve lives.

SOLVE any case management problem to make a difference in vulnerable lives.

ENGAGE efficiently with clients for life-changing outcomes.

COLLABORATE with your community to create a better place to live.


The World's Most Collaborative Case Management System

Empowering Communities with Integrated Network Systems (ECINS) is a purpose-built, cloud-based, highly secure case management system. For over 20 years, ECINS has been used by organizations worldwide to improve the lives of vulnerable people and empower the practitioners who serve them. Created on the belief that when people work together they can achieve more, ECINS is capable of solving just about any case management problem that exists.

What’s best, with no user licenses, ECINS is available at one simple, comprehensive cost. This includes customization, training and support from real-world experts; access to a robust communications portal; and collaboration with a global user community that’s committed to helping one another achieve better outcomes every day.

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Collaborate Smarter To Create Better Outcomes

ECINS' solutions work together or independently to solve your case management challenges head-on. Our experts will work with you to create a custom solution to meet your specific needs — at no additional cost.

Whatever Your Case Management Problem Is, ECINS Will Solve It

Discover The ECINS Difference

  • One Record of Truth

  • Completely Secure File Sharing

  • Remote Access from any Device

  • Adaptable, Easy-to-Use and Scale

  • Low Cost with Rapid ROI in Efficiency Savings

  • License-free to Encourage Wide Participation at No Extra Cost

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Customer Successes

“By working with a range of support agencies via ECINS, we are able to see specific details relating to how an individual’s meetings with partners have transpired. That gives us a much richer picture of an individual’s situation and enables us to provide tailored support to divert them from re-offending.”

Emma Taylor, Investigation Management Unit Operator, Cambridgeshire Constabulary

“The difference ECINS is making to our organization for efficiency, effectiveness, accessibility and managing our caseloads is enormous. It is transforming the way we can store and manage the families we are supporting.”

Kirsty Richardson, Head of Operations , Tiny Life

“ECINS enables us to run our meetings and share information with all partners, and gives us the confidence that we are discussing and sharing in a secure manner.”

Phil Priestley, Cambs City/South Cambs/Hunts NPT SPOC, Cambridgeshire Constabulary

“Having our information on ECINS, which can be accessed remotely, enables our outreach team to work outside of the office in community settings, which provides significant cost and time savings.”

Deborah Hooton, Service Manager, Rape Crisis Centre

“The time savings we’ve been able to make since using ECINS has been enormous. We now spend far less time in the office and, as a result, far more time with our clients.”

Chris Day, Housing Support Worker, 180° Norfolk, UK

“As a former frontline practitioner myself, having used four different case management systems, none have offered the opportunity to work in a multi-agency capacity with such ease as ECINS.”

Jules Trompowsky, Rescue and Response Partnership Coordinator (North London), Rescue and Response Project (County Lines), Brent Council, UK

“ECINS has been absolutely pivotal in the way we are able to work. We don’t have any other system that can communicate across agencies and that is as critical to the work that we currently do.”

Claire George, Head of Peterborough’s Pupil Referral Service and Safeguarding and Prevent Lead for Education, Peterborough

“Our partnership with ECINS gives us a competitive advantage and places us at the cutting edge of monitoring and evaluation. This is going to be a significant catalyst in our success in securing funding, moving forward.”

Devon Cuimara, Founder & CEO, Aboriginal Males Healing Centre

“With ECINS all of the information is in one place, unlike with emails, where you don’t get the whole story or you have the risk of people being left off the email chains. Having everything in one place means you get the picture from the very beginning and see all of the developments as the case progresses.”

Les Golding, Modern Slavery Investigator, Sussex Police

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