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BUILD a Solid Foundation for Your Students’ Mental Health

Our Unique Approach - ECINS is a nonprofit social enterprise dedicated to solving case management problems for our clients

ECINS: The World's Most Comprehensive Student Support System

From the pandemic and remote learning to mental health issues and violence, the seriousness of the challenges faced by today’s schools and students is alarming. Administrators, district leaders, social workers, counselors, teachers and support personnel are combatting these issues and more. The daily obstacles continue to mount as does the demand for mental, emotional and educational student support. While nearly 90% of district-level leadership nationwide agrees that schools have a responsibility to provide students with access to mental health care, this undertaking has no established playbook.

The ECINS Student Support System is a collaborative case management system that allows schools to easily build and implement much-needed student mental health programs. ECINS is on a mission to enable early intervention and create better outcomes for vulnerable students by:

  • Streamlining workflows and eliminating paper documents
  • Reducing administrative burden
  • Enabling collaboration and communication with students, families and key personnel — even when a student changes schools
  • Managing, recording, reporting, and securely sharing essential information about students with key personnel with ease to enable early intervention
  • Collaborating across schools and districts and with local practitioners to provide systems-level support
  • Measuring the progress of interventions with robust reporting to prove efficacy of programs and secure future funding

A one-stop solution, the ECINS Student Support System can do all of this and more.

Endorsed by the School Social Work Association of America (SSWAA)

ECINS and SSWAA have joined forces to provide school social workers with the ECINS Student Support System. SSWAA’s mission is to use ECINS as a foundation for standardizing best practices in school social work across America.

See the Student Support System in Action

Comprehensive. Collaborative. Compassionate.

Completely customizable, the ECINS Student Support System provides a solid foundation for school mental health programs. It allows better communication and engagement between schools, students and their families, resulting in a truly collaborative team approach that supports early intervention and produces better outcomes.

Streamline Referral Forms and Recordkeeping

  • Reduce or eliminate informal paper workflows with a secure, automated digital process
  • Leverage recordkeeping with a robust, multilevel-access case management system
  • Standardize forms and assessments across your school or district
  • Record both basic and confidential information consistently
  • Securely share specific information in real-time with appropriate parties at any required stakeholder level

Create Comprehensive Reports to Measure Results

  • Develop reports and measure results for requirements needed at any level
  • Determine the impact of specific interventions, actions, and programs
  • Analyze data to establish best practices and detect early intervention factors

Transition Students Seamlessly Across Grade Levels and Schools

  • Support students’ needs consistently and without lapse as they progress
  • Transition case files with students through grades and/or schools
  • Ensure students don’t fall through the cracks by sharing their file forward with each milestone

Set Real-Time Notifications and Alerts for School Staff

  • Enable real-time remote notifications and alerts for school staff, families and local authorities
  • Communicate crisis management issues and urgent matters that require immediate attention
  • Provide more timely support for vulnerable students

Share Information Securely with Third Parties

  • Send secure information to outside agencies, such as mental health practitioners, legal authorities and social service organizations
  • Prepare and securely share referrals, formal assessments or confidential information when required to provide collaborative care

Interact with Students Using MyPortal360

  • Allow students, families, and support teams to interact conveniently and discreetly from a smart phone
  • Send students and families notifications and reminders for messages, appointments and tasks
  • Enable one and two-way communication capabilities on the app for improved student response

Empowerment Begins with Security

The ECINS Student Support System maintains the highest levels of data management and security protocols, including:

  • Multi-Level User Security

  • HMIS


  • SOC 2 Type II


  • HUD Domestic Violence

  • Social Security Administration

Upgrade Your Productivity with 3 Months of Free Access to the ECINS Student Support System

Learn more about this free introductory period and the special, discounted subscription rates available for SSWAA members.


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