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3 Ways Nonprofits Can Extend Their Reach and Enhance Impact in Human Services

This article is written by Gary Pettengell and appears on NonProfit ProYou can read the full article here.

Nonprofits partnering with human services agencies play a crucial role in supporting people managing food insecurity, housing disruptions, family counseling needs and other welfare-oriented outcomes.

This is not easy work, and the persistent pandemic over the last two years has made it more difficult, introducing new challenges and complexities into ongoing support efforts.

According to a The British Journal of Social Work survey, support staff report increased work-loads, redeployment to new settings and increased client complexities as three of the most impactful changes impacting the sector in the past 24 months.

At the same time, human services agencies and nonprofits are struggling with exceedingly high turnover and job vacancies, with some states reporting vacancy rates as high as 60%. Meanwhile, demand for nonprofit and human services support is surging.

“Charities working in health and social services reported being particularly affected,” according to the BBC. “Some said they would not have the capacity to meet the anticipated rise in demand over the next three months.”

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