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How a Holistic Human Approach Can Improve Nonprofit Success

This article is written by Gary Pettengell and appears on Global Owls’ website. You can read the full article here.

Nonprofit and aid organizations are working tirelessly to address some of society’s most pressing social needs. Whether they are helping individuals and families navigate the far-reaching implications of the COVID-19 pandemic or are supporting systemic issues like homelessness or opioid abuse, their efforts are critical to helping people live better, more fulfilling lives. 

At the same time, many nonprofits experienced surging caseloads in the past year, challenging them to rethink their mission, vision, and operational capacity. In many ways, this demanding moment is an opportunity for nonprofits to grow and mature, improving their ability to support their core clients.

However, their impact is limited when they operate in specialized silos, meeting one need but ignoring others. For instance, people experiencing homelessness frequently face other obstacles, like substance abuse or mental health challenges, that are interrelated to their housing instability. A holistic human approach can improve nonprofit success, allowing them to excel at their core mission while connecting people to resources and support services that help them thrive. 

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