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Measure and Support Change in Students’ Progress with the ECINS Wheel Assessment Tool

Schools are working hard to respond to several critical and often interconnected challenges, including the academic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, soaring mental health concerns, and potential violence – just to name a few.

With more than 70 percent of schools reporting a rise in students seeking support services, many professionals are looking for new and innovative ways to help facilitate progress for students and their families. Collaboration is central to these efforts, serving as a catalyst for holistic student growth, advancement, and overall wellness.

To support these efforts, the ECINS Student Support System utilizes a unique feature to assist school social workers. The Wheel Assessment Tool is an evidence-based tool with a holistic approach to supporting and measuring changes in students’ progress across various factors.

Keep reading to learn how the ECINS Wheel Assessment Tool enables school social workers to create better outcomes for vulnerable and at-risk students.

What is the ECINS Wheel Assessment Tool?

The ECINS Wheel Assessment is an evidence-based tool to establish, record, and measure journey mapping and supporting change when working with students, young people, adults, and families. It provides professionals with a secure way to document impact, outcomes, and gaps in service.

For school social workers, the ECINS Wheel Assessment Tool is a proven, customizable solution that enhances and standardizes data capture. With such data proving the efficacy of their programs, practitioners can make a stronger case for more investments and resources to support their efforts.

Specifically, the Wheel Assessment Tool includes several features that make it effective for schools and communities, including:

  • serving as a motivational tool that promotes and visualizes a belief that positive change is possible.
  • empowering collaboration, as the tool is used “with,” not “on” a student, young person, adult, or family.
  • connecting to a Safeguarding or Reflection Toolkit with detailed categories for recording the past, present, and future situations and circumstances.
  • engaging professionals and service users with an appealing, easy-to-use interface.
  • measuring risk, as well as progress and outcomes.
  • enabling single or multi-agency program collaboration with its innovative, customizable implementation design.

The ECINS Wheel Assessment Tool is both standardized and customizable, allowing schools to update and modify the solution to accommodate a variety of unique or emerging challenges.

For instance, schools and social workers can deploy this resource as a threat assessment toolkit that can help schools follow guidance from the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC), which provides a framework for determining if a student has the motivation, means, and/or intent to carry out a proclaimed threat. Notably, the assessment is based on the “totality of the circumstances” in four areas, including the personality of the student, family dynamics, school dynamics and the student’s role in those dynamics, and social dynamics. ECINS’ collaborative solution accounts for students’ multifaceted experiences, providing critical insights into these urgent school safety challenges.

The ECINS Wheel Assessment Tool includes a variety of features that enhance schools’ ability to care for students and support holistic health outcomes.

A One-Stop Student Support System

For schools responding to a wide range of student needs, the ECINS Wheel Assessment Tool helps all stakeholders facilitate better outcomes for students by providing an engaging, collaborative, and comprehensive interface for measuring and monitoring student progress on many issues.

This robust component makes a positive impact on students and support programs, providing powerful features and services that accommodate schools’ multifaceted demands with critical functionality, including:

  • customization for specific action and support plans that encourage student journey mapping.
  • enabling school social workers to measure students’ well-being and provide ideal support.
  • helping school social workers determine progress and program efficacy to develop or refine best practices.
  • providing powerful reporting capabilities to demonstrate program and initiative impact.

With a variety of challenges in the school setting, schools are working diligently to overcome obstacles and support students to facilitate better outcomes every day. ECINS is proud to partner in these efforts.

To learn more about the ECINS Wheel Assessment Tool and about a unique opportunity to experience the Student Support System firsthand in your school or district for FREE for three months, watch our Wheel Assessment Webinar here >


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