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OUR UNIQUE APPROACH is purpose-built and mission-driven

Australia Community Support Program - ECINS is awarding up to $500k (AUD) in free services and subscriptions to Australian Indigenous Organisations & Schools

ECINS' One-Front-Door Approach Enables Early Intervention

ECINS is not your ordinary software company. We’re a not-for-profit social enterprise that is dedicated to creating better outcomes for the most vulnerable people and communities among us. Our ‘one-front-door’ approach to social support enables organisations to streamline wraparound support and compile the data they need to make change through early intervention.

In order to achieve the most efficient solution for each of our clients, ECINS’ real-world experts collaborate with your team to develop the features and capabilities that will empower your organisation to meet and exceed goals.

Secure, Custom Solutions

By analysing how you work – your administrative, management, referral and support processes – and reviewing your current technology capabilities, we are able to develop a secure, robust solution that will meet your challenges head-on and scale with your growth.

Streamlined Migration

To minimise disruption to your workflow, we’ll build a plan to migrate and implement your ECINS solution, resulting in immediate time and efficiency savings, increased collaboration with secure file sharing, and improved client engagement and outcomes.

Collaborative Training and Support

The ECINS team is comprised of real-world experts who worked in the social sector for decades. Their mission-driven dedication to get your team up and running means you can expect a streamlined implementation process, robust training and dynamic 24/7 help desk support.

Engaged Global User Communication

With access to a robust communications portal, the ECINS global user community is able to collaborate with each other and our team to establish best practices, learn from one another, and co-create new features and capabilities.

Value Packed, Cost Efficient

ECINS is available at one simple, comprehensive cost with no user licenses that includes everything we offer, from customisation and training and support, to ongoing system updates and feature upgrades at no extra cost. Rapid ROI in efficiency savings is ensured by this low-cost model.

For Every Case Management Challenge, There’s an ECINS Solution

Empowerment Begins with Security

ECINS’ solutions provide collaborative systems that empower the social support sector and maintain the highest levels of multi-enterprise level security. We meet and/or exceed the data management and security requirements and protocols for:

  • Multi-Level User Security

  • HMIS


  • SOC 2 Type II


  • HUD Domestic Violence

  • Social Security Administration

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See how ECINS can solve your toughest case management challenges.

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