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SERVE & PROTECT your communities comprehensively

Australia Community Support Program - ECINS is awarding up to $500k (AUD) in free services and subscriptions to Australian Indigenous Organisations & Schools

Leverage ECINS to Protect Communities and Identify Early Intervention Opportunities

ECINS’ partnerships with police authorities and government agencies are making a measurable impact on criminal justice, community safety, and the protection and support of vulnerable citizens. Our agile, secure systems can be quickly customised and scaled to meet the needs of any organisation or initiative to streamline casework, recordkeeping, and reporting, and to promote early intervention measures.

With a proven track record solving global social problems, ECINS’ solutions have been deployed for initiatives related to:

  • Violent Offenders
  • Criminal Activity
  • Human Trafficking
  • Homelessness
  • Substance Misuse
  • Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Low-Level Offender Rehabilitation
  • Retail Theft
  • Community/Premises Safety

Best of all, ECINS is available at one simple, comprehensive cost with no user licenses. This streamlined pricing includes everything from system customisation to support and training from real-world experts.

Rescue and Response Project, Mayor’s Office of Police and Crime - ECINS helps UK Rescue Vulnerable Children from Drug Trafficking

CASE STUDY: Mayor of London Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC)

Read about how ECINS is helping MOPAC improve the reporting of violent offenders to lower the crime rate, as well as other criminal justice initiatives ECINS is supporting in the UK.

Comprehensive. Collaborative. Secure.

Completely customisable, ECINS’ solutions provide a secure platform to record and manage the complex needs of any police or government program, initiative or team focus. From streamlined incident reporting and investigation, to comprehensive multi-agency projects, ECINS’ solutions provide a truly dynamic, collaborative approach that supports early intervention and produces better outcomes for individuals and communities.

Streamline & Reduce Administrative Work

  • Improve workflows with a secure, automated digital process that meets your agency’s requirements while reducing admin time
  • Leverage recordkeeping with a robust, multilevel-access case management system
  • Standardise and digitise incident reporting from the community and citizens
  • Securely share specific information in real-time with appropriate parties at any required stakeholder level

Create Comprehensive Reports to Measure Results

  • Measure results and develop reports to show effectiveness and secure future funding
  • Determine the impact of specific programs, interventions, and actions
  • Analyse data to establish best practices and detect early intervention factors

Share Information Securely with Third Parties

  • Confidently provide court evidence secured by a system that meets and exceeds every digital security protocol
  • Send multilevel, secure information to legal authorities, third-party agencies, and required stakeholders
  • Prepare and securely share confidential information, referrals, and assessments to provide collaborative support when needed for vulnerable and at-risk individuals

Interact with Communities to Improve Local Safety

  • Allow citizens, business owners and and community partners to interact conveniently with local authorities to report incidents and offenders
  • Send alerts and notifications to encourage community safety and awareness
  • Enable one and two-way communication capabilities for improved responsiveness and crisis management
  • Expand geographically remote support capabilities

Experience ECINS in Action

See how ECINS can solve your toughest case management challenges.

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Empowerment Begins with Security

ECINS’ solutions provide collaborative systems that empower police authorities and government agencies and maintain the highest levels of multi-enterprise level security. We meet and/or exceed the data management and security requirements and protocols for:

  • Software & Data Hosted in Australia

  • ISO 27001 Accredited

  • Multi-Level User Security

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