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ECINS Client Engagement Software - Improve client engagement efficiently and in real time with our client engagement tools.

Engage Efficiently with Clients

ENGAGE efficiently and in real-time with vulnerable clients by sharing action and support plans, assigning tasks, setting up appointments, and communicating via secure messaging or chat on a product developed completely in Australia.

Make Processes Safe & Simple

Safely stored in one easy-to-access location, action and safety plans, appointments and essential client documentation is protected by multilevel secure logins.

Empower Clients for Better Outcomes

Give clients ownership over their situation and healing process and enable better outcomes with easy-to-follow processes and automated notifications and reminders.

Improve Client Engagement

Break down communication barriers by using custom options based on best practice support, tailoring requirements to a client’s needs with engaging material and built-in rewards for completing tasks to encourage fast-tracked results.

Interact Using Client Portal

Built to easily allow clients and support teams to interact conveniently and discreetly from a smart phone, the MyPortal360 app features notifications and reminders for messages, appointments and tasks, as well as, secure one and two-way communication capabilities for improved client response.

For Every Case Management Challenge, There’s an ECINS Solution

CASE STUDY: Aboriginal Males Healing Centre

ECINS helps Australian not-for-profit establish rehabilitation program for aboriginal domestic violence offenders.

Smarter Features for Better Outcomes

Australia’s most collaborative case management system, ECINS can be remotely accessed on a completely secure GDP cloud-based system without the need for a virtual private network (VPN), allowing multiple organisations to work collaboratively toward better client outcomes.

Manage Client Info & Activities

  • Register clients remotely
  • Invite clients to engage via MyPortal360 mobile app or any computer
  • Assign tasks to individual clients
  • Create events and appointments in a client calendar
  • Set and send notifications and reminders
  • Demonstrate client engagement with timelines, logs and task history
  • Store client information securely

Connect Clients to Support

  • Assign clients to key workers
  • Broadcast reminders and messages
  • Communicate securely
  • Offer 24/7 assistance and advice with in-built bespoke article library

MyPortal360 App

  • Communicate with clients via encrypted messaging and optional chat
  • Gain real-time insights into client’s state of mind
  • Get instant notifications and optional email updates when actions have occurred
  • Reduce the need for in-person meetings

Experience ECINS in Action

See how ECINS can solve your toughest case management challenges.

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