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ECINS Report and Referral Software - Automate your current paper process with secure online forms to save time and work faster.

Automate Reports & Referrals

AUTOMATE your current paper process with secure, fully customisable online forms that dynamically enable clients and practitioners to save time and eliminate duplication, while fast-tracking information.

Save Time by Streamlining

With secure online forms, clients and practitioners can enter their own data making it immediately available for use, saving administrative time and cost, and eliminating duplication.

Eliminate Errors in Data Transfer

Clerical errors in paper-to-digital transfers are eliminated by using data entered directly into secure online forms.

Improve Customer Service

Referral tracking features allow clients to share their information just once, saving them the frustration of repeating their story. Plus, reduced admin time means more time to focus on client support.

Replicate your Existing Forms

The ECINS system is fully customisable and flexible, allowing a digital solution to be developed that reflects your current requirements, forms and processes.

For Every Case Management Challenge, There’s an ECINS Solution

Smarter Features for Better Outcomes

Australia’s most collaborative case management system, ECINS can be remotely accessed on a completely secure GDP cloud-based system without the need for a virtual private network (VPN), allowing multiple organisations to work collaboratively toward better client outcomes.

Transition from Paper to Digital

  • Replicate existing forms
  • Tailor forms and documents with custom fields
  • Improve data capture with mandatory fields
  • Link forms to existing websites
  • Customise survey and letter templates

Automate Processes & Notifications

  • Reduce administration with client data entry
  • Increase data entry speed with drop-down menus
  • Auto-check for profile duplicates
  • Notify users when a referral has been accepted or denied
  • Auto-generate reference numbers for easy follow up

Increase Efficiency with Robust Features

  • Create, name and save custom exports
  • Link referrals in groups when needed
  • Manage multiple referral forms in one system
  • Allow practitioner and self-referral entries
  • Transfer approved referrals to case management module
  • Create comprehensive mapping visualisations

Experience ECINS in Action

See how ECINS can solve your toughest case management challenges.

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