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SUPPORT vulnerable people and communities with collaborative care

Australia Community Support Program - ECINS is awarding up to $500k (AUD) in free services and subscriptions to Australian Indigenous Organisations & Schools

Comprehensive Case Management Support for Complex Lives and Issues

People have had a lot to deal with lately – from the global pandemic and natural disasters, to social unrest and economic disruptions, every challenging life factor has become even more of an obstacle for the most vulnerable among us. Not-for-profit organisations supporting these individuals and families have had to navigate additional hurdles such as limited manpower and funding, as well as staff burnout.

With a proven track record solving global social problems, ECINS is dedicated to supporting the human services organisations that are mission-driven to provide individuals and families with essentials, resources and compassionate care when they need it most. Our agile, secure systems can be customised and scaled to meet the needs of any organisation across any sector, including those that support communities that are strife with complex issues, such as unemployment, lack of education and healthcare, home and food insecurities, violence and crime and fractured family units.

We’ve asked human service organisations to create a wish list of features for a technology solution that would improve their current processes and support goals, and they’ve told us the key areas they need help with are:

  • Streamlining their workflows
  • Reducing their administrative burden
  • Managing, recording, and securely sharing essential information about vulnerable people with multiple agencies to provide wraparound support
  • Communicating with vulnerable clients remotely to improve accountability and outcomes
  • Reporting their program results to show effectiveness and secure future funding

Their eyes light up when we tell them that ECINS solutions can do all of this and more.

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Comprehensive. Collaborative. Compassionate.

Completely customisable, ECINS’ solutions provide a platform to record and manage complex needs, collaborate with multiple organisations to provide wraparound support, and engage with vulnerable people to empower them to make change in their lives. The result is a truly dynamic, collaborative approach that supports early intervention and produces better outcomes for individuals and communities.

Streamline & Reduce Administrative Work

  • Reduce or eliminate informal paper workflows with a secure, automated digital process
  • Leverage recordkeeping with a robust, multilevel-access case management system
  • Standardise and digitise forms, referrals and assessments
  • Record both general and confidential information consistently
  • Securely share specific information in real-time with appropriate parties at any required stakeholder level

Create Comprehensive Reports to Measure Results

  • Measure results and develop reports to show effectiveness and secure future funding
  • Determine the impact of specific programs, interventions, and actions
  • Analyse data to establish best practices and detect early intervention factors

Share Information Securely with Third Parties

  • Send secure information to outside agencies, such as mental health practitioners, social service organisations, and legal authorities
  • Prepare and securely share confidential information, referrals, and formal assessments to provide collaborative care

Interact with Clients Using MyPortal360

  • Allow clients and support teams to interact conveniently and discreetly from a mobile device
  • Send reminders and notifications for messages, appointments and tasks to empower clients
  • Enable one and two-way communication capabilities on the app for improved responsiveness and crisis management
  • Increase geographically remote support capabilities

CASE STUDY: Aboriginal Males Healing Centre

ECINS helps Australian not-for-profit establish rehabilitation program for aboriginal domestic violence offenders.

Empowerment Begins with Security

ECINS’ solutions provide collaborative systems that empower the social support sector and maintain the highest levels of multi-enterprise level security. We meet and/or exceed the data management and security requirements and protocols for:

  • Software & Data Hosted in Australia

  • ISO 27001 Accredited

  • Multi-Level User Security

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