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SOLUTIONS built for collaboration to improve outcomes

ECINS is Australia's most collaborative case management system - Case management software with integrated network systems.

Better Outcomes Begin with ECINS

ECINS’ purpose-built modules work together or independently to solve even the most complex case management challenges across sectors such as education, housing, employment, and criminal justice.

When you team up with our real-world experts, the result is a robust, secure cloud-based solution that’s scalable with the growth of your project or initiative and meets rigorous compliance requirements and protocols – all while empowering your organisation to improve the lives and communities you serve through a streamlined, one-front-door collaborative system that is built for early intervention and better outcomes.

Solutions Built for Collaboration on Complex Problems

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CONSOLIDATE all referral data sources in a single repository, including imports from third-party systems, encrypted form data, and internal spreadsheets.

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Reporting & Referral

AUTOMATE current paper processes with secure, fully customisable online forms that enable clients and practitioners to save time and eliminate duplication, while allowing information to be fast-tracked.


COLLABORATE across organisations, communities and businesses to improve safety with secure, real-time information sharing and alerts.


SOLVE any case management problem by building a single record of truth for users and enabling sensitive information to be shared across multi-agency operations through robust multilevel security.


ENGAGE efficiently and in real-time with vulnerable clients by sharing support and action plans, setting up appointments, assigning tasks, and communicating via secure messaging or chat.

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COMMUNICATE securely with clients via desktop or mobile app that provides alerts for due-soon and overdue tasks and enables clients to record their thoughts and moods.

CASE STUDY: Aboriginal Males Healing Centre

ECINS helps Australian not-for-profit establish rehabilitation program for aboriginal domestic violence offenders.

Value Packed & Cost Efficient

With no user licenses, ECINS is available at one simple, comprehensive cost that includes customisation, real-world expert training and support; access to a robust communications portal; and collaboration with users around the globe who are dedicated to helping each other achieve better outcomes every day.

Our agile systems are continuously evolving as we collaborate with our growing network of users to essentially provide a customisable “off-the-shelf” solution for organisations around the world. Best of all, this process allows us to pass on updates and new features to our users at no extra cost.

Empowerment Begins with Security

ECINS’ solutions provide collaborative systems that empower the social support sector and maintain the highest levels of multi-enterprise level security. We meet and/or exceed the data management and security requirements and protocols for:

  • Software & Data Hosted in Australia

  • ISO 27001 Accredited

  • Multi-Level User Security

Customer Successes

“A lot of our clients are IT illiterate. The client engagement app is quite accessible and user friendly. A lot of thought has gone into the space around the user.”

Devon Cuimara, Founder & CEO, Aboriginal Males Healing Centre

“The Client Engagement module streamlines the whole support process for the participant themselves. They may need alcohol and drug abuse assistance, mental health services, homelessness and more. This brings it all together under one umbrella.”

Devon Cuimara, Founder & CEO, Aboriginal Males Healing Centre

“Having our information on ECINS, which can be accessed remotely, enables our outreach team to work outside of the office in community settings, which provides significant cost and time savings.”

Deborah Hooton, Service Manager, Rape Crisis Centre

“The difference ECINS is making to our organization for efficiency, effectiveness, accessibility and managing our caseloads is enormous. It is transforming the way we can store and manage the families we are supporting.”

Kirsty Richardson, Head of Operations , Tiny Life

“ECINS has been absolutely pivotal in the way we are able to work. We don’t have any other system that can communicate across agencies and that is as critical to the work that we currently do.”

Claire George, Head of Peterborough’s Pupil Referral Service and Safeguarding and Prevent Lead for Education, Peterborough

“Our partnership with ECINS gives us a competitive advantage and places us at the cutting edge of monitoring and evaluation. This is going to be a significant catalyst in our success in securing funding, moving forward.”

Devon Cuimara, Founder & CEO, Aboriginal Males Healing Centre

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