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Aboriginal Male Healing Centre’s Holistic Approach Breaks Cycle of Domestic Violence with Data-driven Case Management Solution Built in Western Australia

>> ECINS works with Centre to custom build new client engagement module to establish rehabilitation program for domestic violence offenders with long-term successful outcomes

NEWMAN, AustraliaJan. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Aboriginal Male Healing Centre (AMHC), a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to making an impact on domestic violence and its effect on communities and families, partnered with ECINSAustralia’s most collaborative case management system, to record data, demonstrate results, apply for grants, attract socially enterprising investors, and receive more funding to grow their organisation and support more clients.

Solution built to meet challenges AMHC faced in Western Australia

AMHC’s efforts are focused in Newman, a Western Australian mining town with a large indigenous community. Financial inequality coupled with historical oppression has caused the people of Newman to become vulnerable to poverty, homelessness, alcoholism, drug abuse, and an extremely high incidence of domestic violence. Operating with limited resources, AMHC worked with ECINS to create a solution specifically for the challenges that the organisation was facing.

By deploying the ECINS Client Engagement Module – the mobile application developed in Western Australia – as part of their collaborative case management solution, AMHC recognised a significant increase in its impact.

Streamlining key to successful outcomes for rehabilitation program

“The Client Engagement Module streamlines the whole support process for the participants,” said Devon Cuimara, the Chief Executive Officer at AMHC. “Clients are now empowered to take charge of their healing process. We knew if we could give the offender and the family support mechanisms, we could enable them to maintain vigilance.”

Equipped with comprehensive statistical data demonstrating their program’s efficacy, AHMC has expanded its services to more people while developing an application for a $40 million government endowment to develop a residential facility to further their support offerings.

Cutting edge innovation helps AMHC secure funding for continued impact

Cuimara continues, “Our partnership with ECINS gives us a competitive advantage and places us at the cutting edge of monitoring and evaluation. This is going to be a significant catalyst in our success in securing funding moving forward.”

The results are already evident. The partnership positioned AMHC to enhance their offerings, including a new “walk-up” service that allows people to self-refer into the program.

“Supporting the whole person is essential to the organisation serving the client successfully,” explains Thomas Pettengell, ECINS’ Australia Operations Manager. “Our Client Engagement Module was developed right here in Western Australia, and we are thrilled with the ways it’s already helping AMHC more effectively serve their community and expand their capabilities.”

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