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ECINS Australia Supports Holistic Mental Health Outcomes for All Students

>> Global solutions provider ECINS adopted in US schools, offers Community Support Program to Australian schools to provide critical resources to help communities work together to support students’ mental health outcomes in a complex world

ECINS Australia, the global provider of multi-agency case management software, supports Australian communities responding to unprecedented mental health crises in their schools and among their students.

According to the Australian Healthcare Index, 25 percent of people have sought mental health care support in the past six months, while the Australian Psychological Society reports that 88 percent of psychologists saw increased service demand in the past year, making it more difficult to find affordable, effective care solutions.

This is especially true for young people. Everything from the long-term impact of COVID-19 lockdowns to climate change anxiety and violent crime contributes to worsening mental health outcomes. The recent shooting at a Perth school is a prime example of the reality of this crisis.

Unprecedented mental health epidemic drives innovation for new solutions to support schools

ECINS, which has successfully been adopted by schools in the United States, also aims to help Australian schools meet ever-increasing demands. ECINS Australia’s Community Support Program is offering a three-month free trial to schools, providing free access to the system, expert training, a robust communications portal for internal and external communities, and community collaboration to develop and implement best practices.

“Addressing the escalating mental health crisis in Australia’s youth is a societal challenge that demands immediate attention. The responsibility falls on all of us – schools, communities, and health and social services – to actively come together and seek solutions,” said Thomas Pettengell, ECINS Australia Operations Manager. “At ECINS, we’re committed to providing the tools that enable holistic, collaborative approaches to student mental health.”

Global solutions provider taps research from the United States, finding similar trends across borders

ECINS is at the forefront of the global effort to improve students’ mental health outcomes. The organisation’s most recent State of Mental Health in Today’s Schools report documented stunning mental health challenges facing US students. The report also found that communication and collaboration are critical to helping students recover. Seventy percent of survey respondents said they agree or strongly agree that students are willing to communicate their needs to a trusted adult at school, creating an opportunity to identify struggling students and connect them with the services needed to improve their mental health.

ECINS’ secure system helps provide that connection. ECINS and the School Social Work Association of America (SSWAA) joined forces to provide school social workers with collaborative case management that allows better communication and engagement between students and their support networks. As a result, large school districts in the US are leveraging ECINS’ solution to facilitate a more collaborative approach to student mental health outcomes.

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