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Cambridgeshire Constabulary

Police Provide Rehabilitative Support for Offenders with ECINS


  • Conditional Cautioning Initiative


  • Cambridgeshire authorities recognized an opportunity to rehabilitate low-level offenders to decrease reoffences and improve individual’s lives.


  • The Conditional Cautioning initiative allows low-level offenders to make amends for their crime and avoid court hearings with the goal of deterring future reoffences.
  • Using ECINS, police officers refer offenders into the system where a support professional identifies the person’s issues, sets appropriate conditions and deadlines for the individual, and refers the person to various support services as needed.


  • Through ECINS collaborative communication tools, the initiative coordinators, support professionals and vulnerable individuals stay on track to successfully move through the initiative process, or to reestablish the need for police involvement.
  • With a complete picture of their lives in the system, vulnerable people receive the support and assistance they need to improve their lives going forward through one robust referral system.
  • The Cambridgeshire legal system can now focus on guiding low-level offenders away from future crime, creating better outcomes for its community as a whole.


“By working with a range of support agencies via ECINS we are able to see a much richer picture of an individual’s situation. It enables us to offer a second chance to people, give them tailored and individual support and hopefully divert them from re-offending.” – Emma Taylor, Investigation Management Unit Operator, Cambridgeshire Constabulary


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