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Frequently Asked Questions from Schools

Have a question about ECINS? Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions we get from schools.

If you don’t see an answer to your question here, please contact us or check out our resources section. 

Why is a discovery meeting necessary?
We want to understand the way you work, what your pain points are, what you would like to improve and what your school district’s vision is for student support moving forward. This ensures that we can meet your needs and confirm that your school district is a good fit for our platform!  

Additionally, ECINS is a customizable solution with three different subscription models to choose from. The discovery meeting enables us to suggest the best model for you now and in the future. Book a demo here >  

Check out our subscription models for schools to learn what’s included and how they’re priced >  


How long does the free trial last? 
ECINS’ free trial for schools lasts a full three months, and it’s completely risk free. Since three months is about as long as a full semester, you and your colleagues will have plenty of time to evaluate the system. This free trial period can be used help strengthen your business case for moving away from paper, Google Docs and spreadsheets. Download an ECINS business case template here > 


What happens to our data at the end of the free trial or our paid subscription period if we decide not to continue with ECINS?  
You can export the data and download it, or ask us to delete it. 


Do we get full customization during the free trial?
Yes. We onboard your school district exactly the same as if you were a paying customer. If you have referral forms, mental health screeners or other assessments, we create electronic versions for you. If you don’t have any of these, we have many preloaded templates you can choose from to get you started. The ECINS Implementation Team does all the heavy lifting and will get you up and running with your new system ASAP. 


Is there any difference between the free trial onboarding and that of a paying customer?
No, there is not. We want you to get the most out of your free trial. We understand that introducing a new software system can be challenging. This is why we offer a risk-free, three-month trial and run our full implementation process exactly as we do for paying customers – all at no cost.  


Is training included in the free trial?  
Yes, training is included, and you will have a Customer Success Manager assigned to your school district. Our Support Team is also on hand to help. Our initial training incorporates your unique processes, and you can reach out to us any time if you need additional training or advice on how to use the system (at no additional cost!). In addition to this, ECINS’ online support center, which is available to all users, contains written and video user guides that you can access at any time. 


What are the IT requirements?  
ECINS is a fully web-based solution, so there is no software to download and no impact on your school district’s IT Infrastructure. All you need is a device with access to the internet – a laptop, mobile phone or tablet. No additional hardware is needed, and there is very little, if anything, for your IT Department to do. 


Can I access ECINS from a phone or tablet device?  
Yes, ECINS will work on any device with access to the internet. 


Is there a document storage limit?
No, there are no limits on the number of documents that you can store on ECINS.  


Is ECINS HIPAA and FERPA compliant?  
Yes, ECINS is both HIPAA and FERPA compliant. In addition, ECINS is independently audited annually to ensure it is a registered HIPAA Assured system. 


Is support included in the annual subscription?
Yes! In addition to your dedicated Implementation and Customer Success Teams, our support staff are on hand 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday, with support ticket monitoring over the weekends. Check out what’s included in our single, all-inclusive annual fee here >


Are there additional costs if we want to add more forms or assessments?  
Absolutely not! We offer a complete, all-inclusive annual subscription. Our world-class Customer Support and Customer Success Teams are on hand to assist with training, advice, customization, form and assessment building, and more as part of our all-inclusive package.


Can ECINS be used for our district’s threat assessment model?
Yes. ECINS supports nationally recognized assessments, or it can be customized to meet your own protocols and questions. These assessments include but are not limited to violence, suicide, sexual and fire-setting assessments and can have built-in scoring risk levels – all at no additional cost. 


Can I transfer students between schools and keep my case notes private?  
Yes, students’ profiles and records can be “transferred” to another school within the district, and the unique granular access permissions within ECINS mean case notes can be kept private.  


Can ECINS integrate with our school’s information systems?  
Absolutely, we can build an integration with your student information system, and most importantly, we do not charge for this service.  


Can we set our own data retention periods for student records?
Yes, and as a safeguard, there is no auto-delete function, which means you are in complete control of your data. A bulk delete function is available, if needed. 


Is there a per user licence cost?  
No, we do not believe in charging user licences and offer an all-inclusive annual subscription per school instead. As an organization, we want to help you maximize participation in order to offer the best support to your students. This means you can sign up as many users as needed without worrying about incurring any additional costs. 


Is ECINS a sole source product?  
Yes. The ECINS Student Support and Case Management System is a unique software platform that enables school districts, universities and other educational institutions to run their entire student support services programs on the one integrated, customizable solution. No other company makes a similar or competing product for use by school social workers, counselors, psychologists, directors, administrators, school district managers and their colleagues. The exclusive and integrated feature set within ECINS qualifies it as a sole source solution because the unique technology, features and support package provided are not available from any other system globally. Access the ECINS Sole Source Provider report here >  


Is there an enterprise pricing option for larger school districts?  
Yes. Even though we are already offering a significant discount to all school districts, there are potentially further reductions available for school districts with over 60 schools. Please contact us for more information.  


Is ECINS encrypted?
Yes. ECINS employs a field-level encryption on our databases in addition to storing all data on our Self Encrypting Drives (SED). The algorithm used is AES-256, which is the same level of encryption used for anything protected up to Top Secret. AES-256 encryption of data is provided during transmission and at rest within our data center and on the users’ end-point device. Additionally, ECINS CORP is ISO27001 accredited for the design, development, hosting and processing of multi and single organizations’ data and systems. ISO27001 accreditation is harder and more expensive to obtain and maintain than SOC 2 accreditation, but ECINS maintains this accreditation in order to best protect our customers and our business from security threats. 


Where is our data stored?
All of your data is securely hosted and processed on the ECINS infrastructure within the US. We also have data centers in the U.K. and Australia, so student data is hosted locally in those respective countries as well. 


Still have unanswered questions? Contact us now! 


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