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Lowestoft Rising

Public Sector Partnership Uses ECINS to Support Residents


  • Partnership of 5 public sectors, including police officials and clinical professionals.
  • Lowestoft Rising aims to deliver better services to residents in need, to develop long-term change for the community.


  • Lowestoft Rising focused on developing an integrated service delivery approach in order to include an entire team of providers for each case.
  • Shared administrative effort was critical to removing duplication and to allow a more complete understanding of support efforts being made for any individual or family.
  • By using the ECINS system, Lowestoft Rising was able to leverage their shared administrative efforts and collaborate on supportive services to more efficiently assist those in need.


  • With administrative requirements reduced and more support professionals involved in the process, the Lowestoft team was able to focus on the ultimate goal of changing the demand for support by investing their time in those service that encourage residents’ independence.


“ECINS provides a huge benefit…by ensuring everyone has access to the same information, in one place and in real-time so that we can all stay abreast of changes as they happen.” – Phil Aves, SCC Partnership Change Manager, Lowestoft Rising


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