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When you are already stretched to your limits, taking a step back from the way things are to imagine the way they could be, can feel impossible. That’s why we focus of the big picture for you.

More than just a software solution, our systems challenge you to think in new and improved ways that lead to greater customer satisfaction, a more supported and efficient workforce and improved outcomes across the board.

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  • Referral

    Transform current manual paperwork into secure online forms where clients and other practioners can enter their own data. No more delays or double handling and 100’s of hours saved in administration time.

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  • Cases

    The most widely used multi-agency case management system in the UK. Build a complete picture of your clients and safely share sensitive information. Trusted by the most security conscious organisations in the world.

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  • Clients

    One easy location for everything from support plans, action plans, appointments, helpful information and one or two-way communication. Help clients feel more in control.

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  • Community

    Allow communities and business crime reduction partnerships to easily play an active role in incident reporting, identification of offenders and share other helpful information.

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  • Staff

    Still in development, this module will let you task and oversee staff, support timely action with alerts, track time spent and outcomes and monitor employees in the field to ensure safety.

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Find out more about the adaptable, problem-solving approach that makes ECINS the right fit for so many different organisations.

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Teams currently using our software

With so much flexibility and functionality, ECINS adapts to the work practices of a wide variety of organisations.

  • Local authories
  • Schools
  • Adult social care
  • Neighbourhood policing
  • Child and young people services
  • Prison services
  • Employment Services
  • Environmental Health
  • Family Intervention Programmes
  • Frequent attendees to custody
  • Gangs and Gang Violence
  • Hate Crime
  • Houses in Multiple Occupancy (HMO’s)
  • Integrated Offender Management (IOM)
  • Licensed premises
  • Mental Health projects
  • Missing Persons
  • Multi-Agency Operations
  • Out of courtt disposals
  • Prostitution and street sex workers
  • Restorative Justice
  • Rough Sleepers
  • Sexual Assault Referral Centre
  • Street Drinkers
  • ‘Troubled Families’
  • Unauthorised encampments
  • Victims and Offenders
  • Vulnerable persons
  • Youth Crime

As ECINS is accessible remotely, officers can upload information on their i-pads when out on the street so they are actively addressing live operations.

Claire Hardy, Senior Practitioner (Crime & ASB) – City Wide Operations, Public Protection & Licensing Directorate, Westminster City Council

Knowing that the information is on the system, but can’t be accessed by the whole network reassures the young person making disclosures, whilst also enabling an inclusive management of risk.

Jules Trompowsky, Rescue and Response Partnership Coordinator, Rescue and Response Project (County Lines), Brent Council, UK

ECINS can be turned on, introduced, implemented and rolled out quickly, easily and at good value for money – it doesn’t get better than that really.

Simon Clifford, Director of Technology and Digital Transformation, Northamptonshire OPCC

I think the pure beauty of ECINS is that it offers a single record which means that everything is in one single place.

Claire George, Executive Headteacher Peterborough Learning Centres (PRUs) and Head of Pupil Referral Service, Peterborough City Council

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