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Transform manual paperwork into secure online forms where clients and other practitioners can enter their own data.

Save hundreds of administration hours

With secure online forms, clients and practitioners can enter their own data making it immediately available for use. No more double handling or wasted time on admin.

Eliminate errors in data transfer

By using data entered directly into the online form you eliminate the errors that can occur when transferring information from paper to digital.

Improve customer service

Less time on admin means more time for clients. The referral module also makes it easier for clients to track their referral and means they only need to share their information once, saving them the frustration of repeating things over and over.

Mirrors your existing form

Forget spending time wrapping your head around an entirely new way of working, our system is flexible enough to bend to your requirements.

Find out more about the adaptable, problem-solving approach that makes ECINS the right fit for so many different organisations.

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The referral management module:

  • Can be made to look like your existing forms
  • Is fully customisable system with unlimited custom fields
  • Can have mandatory fields if required
  • Create name and save custom exports
  • Can be linked as groups e.g. families
  • Has capacity for self or other agency practitioner referrals
  • Includes the ability to decline referrals
  • Eliminates administration – customer enters own details
  • Once approved, referral information can be easily transferred to case management module
  • Allows different types of referral forms to input into the one system
  • Includes drop down menus to increase speed of data entry
  • Creates automatically generated reference numbers for referrals to allow easy follow up
  • Can be linked to your existing website
  • Allows for practitioner and self-referral entries
  • Creates a document for every referral so you have a record of what is entered
  • Can create letter templates to notify users whether a referral has been accepted or refused

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