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Build your own forms and make Automatic Referrals

What is it and who is it for?

A range of practitioners requested the ability to create their own bespoke forms to assess peoples’ needs and an automated referrals process. They also wanted a built-in scoring solution that would automatically assess risk and priority need level.

How does it work?

You can create your own bespoke form using a predefined list of assessment criteria including priority and non priority debt, housing, benefits, arrears and health. Each answer given against the predefined checklist will create a task which is automatically sent as a referral to the relevant partner agency. The form includes a scoring assessment which measures whether an individual is high/med/low priority.

The form is fully responsive, working on mobile devices and is adaptable so you can switch specific questions on and off to suit your requirements.

How does it help practitioners?

You can save money and time by designing your own forms, quickly identify and assess people’s needs and create automatic referrals which appear to the receiving agency as an email giving access to the completed form.

If an individual is already on ECINS, their profile information will also be pre-populated. The agencies receiving the referrals have access to the completed form and can see which other agencies the individual has been referred to so that support can be better co-ordinated. The information provided during the assessments also enables you to produce detailed statistics against a range of criteria.


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