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Cambridgeshire Licensing and Community Cohesion

ECINS’ Heather Ette spoke to Kate Firman, Eastern Sector Prevention and Enforcement Service Inspector, also managing licensing and community cohesion for Peterborough.

How long have you used ECINS for?

I have used ECINS for a couple of years.

Who do you support in your role? – which teams do you work with and are they all within the Police or do you work with external partners too?

The police officers, PCSOs, council ASB officers, housing, Aspire all have access to appropriate ECINS cases, depending on what the case is for. E.g. Aspire have access to cases on street sex workers who have substance misuse issues.

Before you used ECINS how would you have fulfilled your role?

Probably via email and word documents.

How does ECINS help you do your job?

It allows all those working on a case to update it when they have done some work on it / have relevant information and allows tasks to be set and reviewed. I have recently used it to put on a simple action plan, sending out tasks and seeing when they have been updated / need reminding on.

How does ECINS help speed up processes for you?

If someone is working shifts they can update it for those who work days to see the progress made on a case.

Do you find ECINS easy to use?


Has using ECINS helped you increase/improve the way you work with partners?


Do you think that having ECINS benefits your work and how does it help your customers, does it help improve outcomes?

Yes. It makes it easier to review what has been done and what still needs to be done to get the desired outcome.

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