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Collaborative Case Management Software Empowers Local Authorities to Efficiently and Effectively Distribute Financial Aid to 35,000 Households in Crisis

To support households in the most need with food, energy, and water bills, £421 million has been made available to County Councils and Unitary Authorities in England. Local authorities have significant latitude when optimising funding disbursement, and ECINS is partnering with Birmingham City Council to effectively distribute Household Support funds by March 2022.

The grant provides extensive guidance for authorities partnering with local organisations, including reserving at least half of the funding for vulnerable households with children. Without a unified system for receiving and processing funding applications, many County Councils are struggling to distribute resources effectively.

ECIN’s collaborative case management software will empower local authorities to efficiently and effectively distribute this aid to people in need.

Partnering for Change

ECINS, an active partner with Birmingham City Council, provides a collaborative case management infrastructure that establishes a connection between police and schools for domestic abuse alerts. In addition, ECINS supports Birmingham Families in Crisis, an outgrowth of their London Homelessness Project.

The Household Support program provides urgent resources to families in need as ongoing pandemic continues to exacerbate financial challenges for many individuals and families.

Now, Birmingham is leveraging its existing relationship with ECINS to help them meet the demands of the Household Support Fund. ECINS will help Birmingham receive and evaluate intake forms from 35,000 households in crisis.

Purpose and Execution

ECINS exists to improve people’s lives, and supporting the distribution of Household Support funds is critical to that mission in the UK. The grant period concludes on March 31, 2022, making application onboarding, review, and processing critical to fund disruption.

Learn more about how ECINS is helping to solve some of the most challenging social problems facing the UK today >

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