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Hosting Meetings on ECINS

There’s many benefits that can be achieved from running meetings on ECINS. Not least it can bring significant time and money savings.

Speaking with our customers we have been able to estimate that, based on an average of 6 officers attending a case review for a multi-agency case, that it would cost approx £900-£1000 in officer’s time alone.

If you add to that the costs of problem solving meetings required in complex cases after the initial assessment meeting (usually at least 4) then the costs are substantial. By using ECINS as a virtual meeting place you could reduce that cost by at least a half but still secure the same partnership input and commitment.

Schemes who have been running their meetings on ECINS are reporting a range of benefits including:

• No need for paper, printing and distribution!

• Share information and documents with partners who are not on secure networks

• Run face to face meetings, virtual meetings or a combination of the two which is particularly useful for rural or regional meetings

• The tasking functionality on ECINS can be used live within the meeting. This means there is no longer the need for someone to take down actions and email them out.

• Tasks (actions) are updated live within the ‘meeting case’ making it easier to see which task have been completed and which ones are outstanding

• Cases, reports and profiles (people) can be linked to the meeting case

• Real time information sharing means that updates can be received during the meeting

• Minutes can be typed directly in the case notes

• Access permissions can be applied to the ‘meeting case’ so it can be locked down.

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