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The continuous improvement process

Beginning where you are at

The first step in the continuous improvement approach is taking the time to understand the processes you are currently using. It is only from there that we can begin mapping the steps which might be cut out or automated. This includes understanding what currently takes up the most time in your day, identifying the steps you do repeatedly, and working with you to plan improvements.

What does automating look like?

Let’s take the example of referral forms. In some organisations, a client may have to visit a website, download a form, print the form off, fill out the form, then scan and email, snail mail or even fax (!), the form to you. When you receive that referral form, a member of staff begins the process of entering the data into their system. Compare this to an online form where the client enters their own data into a form which is directly sent to you (and which requires no further administrative action to be part of the system).

Less manual work, better client experience

When you do a task manually, it needs to be repeated from scratch every time. This includes the client who has to write the same thing over and over again on different forms for the different support services they access. But when you’ve got an automated tool like ECINS, once client data is entered into the system, everyone who has permission to see that information already has that information at their fingertips with no extra staff work involved. This makes the whole support process more seamless and integrated for clients.

The more people who use it, the greater the return on investment

Like any organisational change, the time savings you will see from more automated work practices relies on the engagement of people. When your team is engaged, not only can they do more with less, but they can also eliminate obstacles and provide more comprehensive support for your clients. This effect is only amplified when you start collaborating with others outside of your organisation to achieve a common goal.

Your input is key to the continual improvement of ECINS

The incredible functionality and constant improvement of our products is built on the input, ideas and requests of our clients. Our model is to always be listening to people with the on-the-ground experience of what does and doesn’t work efficiently in your daily operations. We work alongside our clients and listen extra hard when they say, “I wish ECINS could do this.” Where possible, we take action to make those wishes a reality.

Transformation is ever evolving

Transformation does not happen overnight, it’s a journey of continuous improvement. When small improvements are made over time to make processes faster, better and easier, so the level of knowledge needed to perform the process comes down over time, the speed of processes increases and staff and client frustration reduces. This means better outcomes for everyone.

If you are ready to make a change, or just want to know more, book a free consultation today.


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