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Case Study

East Suffolk Council Improve ASB Reporting for Their Community


Before using ECINS, the East Suffolk Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Forms were an online webform that enabled victims to input details about their case. These forms were then sent to an email inbox and manually copied into a folder on the team’s directory.

Members of East Suffolk Council ASB team were manually copying on average 5 ASB Forms across a day, although the number of reports submitted is season dependent and increases during the summer months.

Anti-Social Behaviour Case Review Reporting (Community trigger) Forms were typically inputted up to 2 times monthly. These reports were also having to be manually copied into a local directory.


ECINS provided an improved version of the original Anti-Social Behaviour Form. The new Form is fully encrypted and accessible to the public from East Suffolk website without logging in. The ECINS ASB reporting Form enabled drop-down and multi-select options to be available as well as the addition of mandatory fields. This not only improved data capture but it also enabled victims to be specific about their individual cases and voice their concerns in greater detail.

Brookes explained that “the ECINS Form gave more consistent data capture at the reporting stage, was easier for the public to navigate, and importantly reduced victims’ confusion when trying to submit a report. This has enabled East Suffolk Council to receive a rich set of data for each ASB case.

Similarly, the Case Review Reporting Form has undergone the same improvements. Brookes stated that the new ECINS Form ‘is somewhat based on the original one, but it has additional fields for people to add their additional experiences”.

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