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Case Study

Uncovering deeper social problems with ECINS

The Lowestoft Rising Approach

What is Lowestoft Rising?
Lowestoft Rising is a group of five public sector partners – Suffolk Police, Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office, East Suffolk Council, Suffolk County Council and NHS Great Yarmouth and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group – which work together in a new and unique way.

Its aim is to create a significantly improved quality of life for everybody growing up, living in, working in, visiting and investing in Lowestoft.

Lowestoft Rising is not a project, a scheme or an initiative. It is a radical new approach to delivering public sector services in a specific area and turning Lowestoft into a town where everyone fulfils their true potential. This approach is achieved by creating an environment where public sector organisations work together in innovative ways to deliver better services and bring about long-term change for local people.

ECINS is key to the success of the scheme
Having an integrated approach to service delivery means getting lots of service providers around the table at the same time. Sometimes up to twenty-five different groups at once. ECINS is the platform that makes this kind of complex information sharing possible.

Making better use of capital and sharing the workload
Another way ECINS is helping, is to make more effective use of existing capacity, projects and initiatives. This means removing silos in work practices, allowing more complete understanding of what others are doing to solve the same problem, sharing administrative effort and ensuring the hard work already being done is understood and utilised to its full.

Achieving better outcomes and greater independence for vulnerable people
Another goal of this initiative is to change the demand for services. Part of the strategy for this means investing more in those services which help local people remain independent. This not only delivers better outcomes for residents, it gives them the tools they need to become less dependent on costly interventions, which offers an economic benefit to society as a whole.”

Phil Aves, SCC Partnership Change Manager for Lowestoft Rising, Waveney District Council, has this to say about the project.

“Many of the individuals we support through Lowestoft Rising are vulnerable and have complex needs and there are a range of organisations and agencies who are involved in providing interventions to support them. Sometimes there are agencies who are involved in the partnership who do not know the individuals who have been referred in and in cases like these photographs [like the ones we use on the ECINS system] are invaluable. Agencies might not be aware of people’s individual names but they often recognise faces.

ECINS provides a huge benefit here in enabling us to upload photos so that everyone knows who they are talking about and by ensuring everyone has access to the same information, in one place and in realtime so that we can all stay abreast of changes as they happen.”

Watch the video testimonial by Phil Aves

Video testimonial for ECINS

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